The WET-Pro Field kit is was created through our on-going CURA H2O project as a standardized water monitoring kit. Along with the YSI Professional Plus Multi-probe, it comes with a hard and soft case and a multitude of tools to take in the field.

The Professional Plus multi-probe provides the user with accurate measurements for a number of indicators of water quality – primarily pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity, and total dissolved solids. It also has a built in barometer, which will measure barometric pressure. With the use of new 30 meter cable attachments, the user is now able to further extend the extent of sample areas.

The Kit comes with a hard case for the multi-probe and other tools while the soft case holds a few of the less fragile pieces of equipment, including including a water resistant ‘odds and ends’ bag containing all user manuals and accessories to equipment.