Water Monitoring
FLOW Probe
  • Extendable Arm
  • Easy to Calibrate
  • Three units available for loan -2 FP101(extendable up to 6ft) & 1 FP 201 (extendable up to 15ft)

The 3-6 foot Flow Probe 101 and the 5-15 foot Flow Probe 201 are easy-to-use, extendable, flow velocity probes that are lightweight and portable. With a simple computer display, a small propeller at the end of the probe calculates the average velocity of a stationary spot or of a whole water column within open channels. The probes are ideal for a number of studies including, storm runoff or drainage, river and stream flow measurements, and monitoring velocity of water in ditches, channels and sewers. Measurements are taken every second, with up to 30 separate measurements of minimum, maximum and average velocities in feet or meters per second.


Data Remains the Property of the Contributor
All data contributed to the data collection/storage infrastructure remains the property of the contributing organization. The user agrees that data cannot be modified or shared in any way without express permission from the appropriate authority of the contributing organization.

Access to Data Collection and Storage Infrastructure
CURA H2O/WET-PRO agrees to allow access to this data collection and storage infrastructure while the service is available, provided that the user follows these requirements:

The user agrees to permit only persons who have completed the WET-PRO online training course to use the Kit if intending to upload data to the data management infrastructure. By entering data, the user acknowledges that they have taken the online training course and have followed recommended procedures on the proper calibration/use of the contents of the Kit.

Confidentiality of Access Credentials The user agrees that they will not share the password to the data management infrastructure with other parties (without permission from CURA H2O/WET-PRO).