A variety of publications will be produced based on knowledge generated through CURA research and project activities. Completed publications will be posted here as they become available, and more information on team members conducting the research can be found in Community Partners and About Us.

Graduate Theses

Student Name Thesis Title Expected completion date / Completed thesis document
Ashley Shelton The Accuracy of Water Quality Monitoring Data: A Comparison Between Citizen Scientists and Professionals Click here
Melissa Healey A Baseline Assessment of Water Quality in the Gambia River and the Potential for Community-Based Monitoring in The Gambia, West Africa Click here
Amy Buckland-Nicks Learning by Example: Applying successful cases of community-based data integration to the Nova Scotia Water Strategy Click here
Erin Murphy-Mills Community-based water monitoring and management: comparing community-based water monitoring programs and activities in Nova Scotia and Southern Ontario Click here
Chris Garda Assessing Aquatic Ecosystem Health Benefits Arising from Activities Associated with Community-Based Monitoring Click here

Scholarly Publications

Weston, S., Conrad, C. (2015). Community-Based Water Monitoring in Nova Scotia: Solutions for Sustainable Watershed Management. Environment and Natural Resources Research, 5(2). Available from: ccsenet.org

Conrad, C., Hilchey, K. 2011. A review of citizen science and community-based environmental monitoring: issues and opportunities. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 176(1-4):273-91. Any inquiries on accessing this article can be directed to Dr. Cathy Conrad at ccconrad@smu.ca.