The following individuals are long time supporters of the CBEMN and have served on the CBEMN advisory committee.  Together they have helped shape our focus and assisted in giving the network ideas and goals for current and future projects.

Dr. Cathy Conrad

Dr. Conrad is a Professor in Geography at Saint Mary’s University. Her main field of research is community-based management and fluvial/aquatic ecosystems.

Dr. Annamarie Hatcher

Dr. Annamarie Hatcher is self-employed in Cape Breton as an Environmental Consultant. She is a Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Integrative Science and Health and an Adjunct Professor in Science and Technology at Cape Breton University. She also holds an adjunct faculty position at Dalhousie University in the School for Resource and Environmental Studies.

Walter Regan

Walter Regan is the President of the Sackville Rivers Association. The association is involved in watershed management and protection projects as well as habitat restoration projects on the Sackville and Little Sackville Rivers.

Bob Rutherford

Bob Rutherford is a former Department of Fisheries and Oceans Scientist. He now works for Thaumas Environmental Consulting Inc. out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He is also an active member of the Sackville Rivers Association.

Dr. Jeremy Lundholm

Dr. Jeremy Lundholm is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology and Environmental Studies at Saint Mary’s University. Dr. Lundholm is a plant ecologist focusing some of his recent research on maintaining plant diversity within plant communities and the effects of Green Roof Systems.