Equipment Bank Update

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Working diligently, Community-University Liaisons Melissa Healey and Ashley Shelton, have kept the equipment bank loans moving smoothly for our long-time borrowers and new comers including: Clean Annapolis River Project, Oathill Lake Society, Sackville Rivers Association, Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute, McCallum Environmental Ltd., Friend’s of First Lake, Mi’kmaw Conservation Group, CBWES, Saint Mary’s University departmental research, Dalhousie University researchers, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

We like to say a huge Thank You to HRM Community Grants Program for their continued support of the Environmental Stewardship Equipment Bank, allowing us to keep up with our local community environmental equipment needs. By gauging equipment requests and the demands of local community groups, equipment was purchased this year including water quality meters (YSI Pro2030 & YSI Professional Plus) and a water sampler to aid groups sampling in lake environments. Please see the updated 2012 Equipment Catalogue, which provides details on the new equipment and the new WETPRO Toolkit available for loan. Further support has been received through TD Training Grants Program to provide training to the CBEMN Community-University Liaisons regarding equipment maintenance

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